Dear diary…

It is now April 22, 2021. I have been away for a while, and many things have transpired, with regards to the trip, the pod, and my personal life. The reason I have not updated you in a bit is this: I went home. I have been lucky enough to spend the last couple weeks in Steamboat with special people, and one in particular. It has been incredible to see my family and friends, and while I have knocked out a couple really important interviews, I was able to step away from Never Far from Home and reset, which was important for my mental health.

That being said, some big things have happened over the last few weeks. I had a couple really big interviews, including Ellen Tully, who owns a team that will begin play in the SPHL next season, and Chris Thorburn, who won the cup with the Blues a couple seasons ago. With Ellen, the interview was normal, and featured some great stories. Chris’s was a little different, in that I had a co-host on with me, and we were able to not only talk hockey, but also address Autism, in April, which of course is Autism Awareness Month.

Before these big interviews, though, something even more exciting happened. Maybe not more exciting, but it was a long time coming. Before I got on the flight to head home, I found a package on my front door in Jacksonville. Inside it, I found my Jersey from my friend Casey, owner of Beauty Unis. I have been planning jerseys for months now, and to finally have the threads in my hands, and over my head, it felt right. I have since launched a pre-sale on the jerseys that runs through the end of April.

I have had some important meetings in Steamboat, but like I said, it has been an incredible opportunity to reset, and see the important people in my life.

I am now a couple days our from returning to Florida, and in short order, hitting the road up the east coast, and so I must return to those I love, but I will talk to you soon.

In hockey,