Dear diary…

It is now February 7th, 2022. Oh, how things have changed. I am not lost on the amazing outing that was the road portion of my journey. While living out of my truck (and on a few couches), I was able to travel up and down the eastern sea board, and meet some truly incredible people. In August, things changed in a hurry. While visiting Steamboat my plans changed twice, in a matter of 36 hours. Things went from me being in Steamboat for 5 weeks through December and early January, to flying back to Rochester on a Tuesday, and eclipsing Rabbit Ears pass on Thursday evening as I came back into the Yampa Valley.

Over the course of the next couple weeks, I picked up a job serving and managing at a local breakfast and lunch restaurant. I began EMT school the Monday after returning, and began the serving just a week later. September, October, November, and early December were bananas. I had almost no time to myself. While I have knocked out a C.O.C. yearlong broadcasting program, as well as a B.A. in Business Administration, I was faced with one of the toughest classrooms yet. EMT proved to be incredible, but difficult, though by the end of December, I was slated to begin a new trek, as an EMT/Firefighter for North Routt Fire Department.

I have taken the first steps within the new career, and finally have found the time to return to my passion, Never Far from Home. I have once more begun the interviewing process after the mics laid dormant for a few months, and things picked up where they left off. People are fired up to share their stories, and I am more than happy to be the vessel to bring them to the public. As I move forward into what will surely be a great experience with events across the nation, I do so knowing that things are as they should be. Do I miss the road? Absolutely. Chance encounters with people who have been wonderful, and have become friends, is something I don’t have as much here. Do I know I am not done traveling, and it simply will look different? Also, yes.

I may not find the page as often, as the personal stories will come with less frequency. But I look forward to sharing my journey still, and am thrilled to bring you tales from the mouths and minds of the people who lived them.


In hockey,