Dear diary…

It is now July 20, 2021. Over the last few days, I have been lucky enough to skate a few more times here in the Portland, Maine area. IT has been a riot. I continue to work through most days, and at times, I find myself struggling to fill the extra moments throughout the day. Skating has been a great way to do it. I have plans to head to Ft. Kent in the next couple days, and enjoy what will likely be one of the last relaxing stretch of days I will have before doing what the kids nowadays are calling a full send. I finished planning out my schedule through the end of the year, and while there may be some adjustments, it shouldn’t be anything too crazy. Canada opening its borders on the 9th is the going to have the biggest impact.

I was finally able to meet my friend Casey in person, and it was a great experience. He and his family have been so inviting, and having a bed for a couple nights has been fantastic. That is an old tune I am singing again, because each and every time I happen into one, I couldn’t be more thankful. The travel north is weighing on my mind, as it approaches in the next couple days, but getting there will be the only big thing I need to do. After that, it is going to be somewhat slower of a pace. Sue has been great in our conversations, and it will be a nice time, so sit down and have a few moments to collect my thoughts. There will be some interviewing going on as well during this time, but nothing that is too crazy.

I know I have rambled somewhat in this shortened rendition of my blog post, but I am excited about what is coming in the next couple weeks. Things will be taking to a quicker pace after my Ft. Kent stint, and it won’t be easy, but it will be fulfilling. I am also tossing around the idea of moving to one blog a week. I do not want to bore the readers with some mishap of words I slap on the page, and I hope to fill the lines with more stories. I suppose time will tell on that idea..

In hockey,