Dear diary…

It is now June 1, 2021. The white lines have called again. I have travelled quite a bit the last few days. Since Nashville, it has been a matter of a couple days here, then a day or two there. It is an interesting lifestyle. Within the truck with this countless windshield time, I have time to reflect on what the project is, what it started as, and what I want to see it become. I have been so engrossed with getting as many interviews as I can, that certain things seem to have passed by. One such piece, is my listenership. I am now a year and a half into this thing, and I have steadily grown it. I feel like I am right on the verge of it taking off, but it has not been easy. The most difficult piece has been the sales. I am still learning the ropes of how this will best be sold. A lot of learning has happened, and more is bound to occur.

I had an odd encounter this morning. Not an encounter, as much as a happening. I was asleep in a rink parking lot, having gotten clearance the day before. Around six in the morning I had a truck roll up to the spot next to me. The driver stayed in the seat, with gloves on, and the car running. It could have been nothing, but I watched a little, and saw he was looking in to my “apartment”. While I didn’t sense I was in danger, my gut told me it was time to get up, and get out. I headed to Richmond.

Since I last put fingers to the keyboard, I have had a couple very cool experiences! One was Sunday. I ended up at the Hurricanes vs. Lightning game 1 of round 2. The crowd was crazy, and it was an absolute ball to be there. The game itself was a tight one, ending 2-1 for the away team. After the final horn, I headed outside, and was simply going to get to the truck and move along. I ended up stopping at the post game wrap up show, and am so happy I did. I met David Ayers, and invited him on to the podcast. I hope to hear from him soon. I also was able to meet Shane Willis, and invite him on as well. I am hoping both can find some time to share stories with me in the near future.

On my way from Raleigh to Virginia Beach, I made a quick stop in the Outer Banks. I visited the Wright Brothers location in the Kill Devil Hills, and was at home in the supposed birthplace of aviation. It was a great experience to have, and I felt like a piece of me was at home. I thanked my dad when I got back to the truck. I scampered up to Corolla for a quick lunch, before making the drive to Virginia Beach, and overall, the journey was broken up enough to feel alright, and I am happy to have stopped by the hills where the brothers took flight.

I do have to take a moment and thank YOU. I have moved through this project, and now, in the middle of things going by so quickly, I am spurred on by the support I have received. It is so nice to find such positivity in random spots I stop along the journey. You have all made this a great experience, so thank you.

I am off to the day, chasing more stories, and memories…

In hockey,