Dear diary…

It is now June 5, 2021. Not much to report from my end of things! I made my way to the DC area, and have since been able to sleep in a bed, which has been an absolute blessing. I have taken care of some admin work the last couple days, and have begun some important discussions. I am gearing up for a trip back to western states, and it is much needed. I need to reset. I will. I will update you on my travels, as I will be in a beautiful area, and hopefully can share of some wonderful hiking and general adventuring.

The playoffs are underway, and while I caught the two games live, I have not been able to see as much. This EST is really kicking my butt. 10 pm puck drops are no fun ha!

I hope to find you with more beauty in my eyes with a lovely road in front of me. Wish me luck!

In hockey,




PS – Jobs fill your pockets. Adventures fill your soul.