Dear diary…

It is now March 2, 2021, and it has been a whirlwind of a last few weeks. Things are progressing well in the travel aspect, as I am now in Naples, FL. I had grand visions of what this trip and journey would be, and they are starting to take shape. I have now completed 103 episodes of the podcast, and the range of characters I have had on has been surprising, and intriguing. I have also seen some wild things. I was in Jacksonville, and saw someone take a swing at another player with their stick. I am glad I was not officiating that game, as I don’t need to go before a USA hockey board. Seems draining.

I am sorry, my dear friend, as I have not been as regular as I wanted to be, but trust me when I say good things are coming. I plan to get into the journey right here in these pages, and I hope people will enjoy following along on the trek.

Florida is quite nice. It is very different, but I think that is partially why I find it attractive. I don’t think I could live here full time, I just can’t stand always feeling sticky! But Naples has treated me well, and my tenure in Jacksonville was amazing. I look forward to my time there when I head back in April. I have some family there, and it has been incredible spending such quality time with them.

Here in Naples, I have contacts and friends from Steamboat who actually moved down. I had a chance encounter at the rink with a friend I had skated with for a few summers in the boat, and of course, Bobby and his family have been incredibly hospitable. He has given me a laundry list of contacts, and I am starting to think that my goal of 300 episodes this year is still in the realm of possibility.

Driving down here in Florida is boring. Most driving has become hum-drum for me, but it is flat and straight, and the roads I have taken thus far have not even given me a view of the water, which would help alleviate some of the boredom. Traveling is fun, but some nights have been tough. I have spent the last three evenings in my truck bed, trying to get a hold of how that is going to work, and I do believe it will, though it is not the most comfortable, as I am not a small human. I miss some places, and more than that, some people, very dearly. I push on, though, and I keep things rolling forward in the hopes of finding stories.

Be well, my dear friend.

Until I come to you again,