Dear diary…

It is now March 16, 2021. I am still in Tampa, and my experience thus far has been fun! I set up to do a couple interviews outside of TGH Iceplex, and happened into a couple more people who I will end up having on. As I have thought more and more on the trip, I realized that this thing is tough. Even the way I am building it, it is a struggle. I do have cool news though: I broke 10,000 listeners! It does not take much to stay humble in this process, because I never played higher level hockey, and I have been lucky to chat with some amazing people and athletes. That said, breaking 10,000 does bring up some pride. It hasn’t always been an easy path, but I have continued putting in the time, and people are getting to share their stories.

I was able to get out to Clearwater and onto the beautiful, if crowded, beach. That was a nice experience. I took a long walk on the beach, and tried to get my feet in the water a little bit, even without a swimsuit. It took almost an hour and a half just to get out there from where I am staying, but it was well worth it.

I have continued to network, and today I will have a former NHL’er on, someone who I was put in touch with by a new friend of mine, Graig. It is these small connections that I am seeing that give me hope to push forward, knowing that the project is working, and it will continue.

Yesterday was a decent day. I was able to get an interview lined up for the afternoon, and leading up to it, I decided to explore a little. I went on an adventure to find a marina, something that’s always close to my heart. And I found one. It was not large, with no more than 20-30 slips probably, but it gave me the same feeling I get whenever I am that close to the water. Looking on at these boats, even being inland somewhat, I feel happy. It brings up some of my best memories, sharing time with my family in the BVI. I can tell you, I am excited to do that again, and I am happy to be able to share the next experience with family, and someone close.

I decided to push back leaving to Miami until Saturday, which means my time in Tampa will continue, and my contacts will grow, and then I only get a couple days in Miami. This is ok with me, but I will admit, just yesterday, I was thinking about a special surprise I get to enact. I will give you more details on that in the coming entries, and maybe I’ll even share a pic of it.

Off to chase the day.

In hockey,