Dear diary…

It is now March 28, 2021. I am back in Jacksonville now. I stayed in Tampa for a couple weeks, and was able to stop in Orlando for a quick family visit for a couple days. One of those days, we explored the Crystal River, and we were able to swim with some Manatees. It was a pretty cool experience, and it was fun to spend some time with a sister and her family. We also went to an open mic, my first experience with such a fun thing! After I made a fool of myself, I pushed on from Orlando, and stopped by Embry-Riddle for a quick tour, and an excellent interview with Bob Joyce. He was incredibly humble, and was a most gracious host.

I have been back in Jacksonville since Thursday the 25th, and it has been great to spend some quality time with the family here. We have some fun plans for when I return from Steamboat later in the month of April, including some pool days (they have an adult only pool at their complex). The Lifeguard may just have to be on Booty… Guess we will see about that one.

I have picked up some games over the next few weeks, and am looking forward to getting back in to the rinks to ref some hockey, and selfishly it will be good to make a little money. I am also excited for my trip back to Steamboat to see Shannon. It’s been an interesting experience being on the road, and being home for a piece of time will be very nice. That is still a little bit away, though, so I have to focus on going day-by-day.

I have not had too many crazy things happen since my last entry, though there are some really cool things in the works for the podcast. Look to the episodes for more, and I will return with more information in the next few days.

In hockey,