Dear diary…

It is now May 11, 2021. Once again, I had a hiatus from the page before me. I was last in Steamboat when I wrote, and there has been some movement since then. I came back to Florida, and was reminded that there are 49 other states I must see on this journey. I will hit the road within a week now, and things are going to get absolutely crazy. I will only be in an area for a few days, or maybe a week, so you can expect the stories to come up with more frequency, and I will tell them to you here.

Since returning to Jacksonville, I have been able to keep the forward momentum with the podcast. In fact, I was lucky enough to have a former guest who set me up with Ed Belfour. That was a fantastic experience for me, to hear his stories firsthand. I have found some excitement building around the project, and some of it is my own, as the travel aspect of it comes to fruition more steadily in just a few days. It is not easy, though. I have been struggling thinking about the wonderful time I have shared with my family here in Florida, and how it is coming to an end. When I speak to my niece, I try to tell her that we should look at the bright side, the fact is we got to share this time, and never thought we would. But that is only meant to help myself, with those words.

I do get excited about travel, though, and I am eager to hit the road, and see new places. Those new places mean new people, and I hope that the project can gain more ground in terms of listenership. I think it will. I was wearing my jersey back on the flights to Jacksonville, and as fate would have it, I ran into a few hockey people along the way at DIA. That turned into some talking, and led to new fans. I am thrilled about that aspect of it, bringing in new people to listen to the wonderful stories so many have to share. Oh, and those jerseys? I finally put my first pre-order in with Beauty Unis, who have been incredible with their support, and I am thrilled to pass along a great product when they are finished.

I must leave you, as I have a double header coming this evening, but I will return soon.

In hockey,