Dear diary…

It is now May 21, 2021. I pulled an audible, and decided to head to Nashville. I ended up just Southwest of the city by forty minutes, maybe an hour, and I saw a family I have not seen in a few years. My second mom welcomed me in as if it hadn’t been the seven years it has, and we caught up and had a great time. I got in on Tuesday, and Wednesday had an interview that turned into an experience. I sat down with my guest, and in the midst of telling stories, she let slip that she was a tennis player. My eyes lit up, and after the interview we ended up going out and playing a set! It was just what I needed. On the journey, I want to experience the cities, and experience the relationships beyond the one to two hours of the interview, and this gave me hope that it will happen.

I beat her in the first set, but the match is not done yet.

I was able to chat with a few wonderful people, and am working to line up more interviews in the coming days. For now, it is Friday, and I am happy to report, I am going to be downtown, exploring the culture of a city I have always wanted to visit. I plan to get to a few spots, hopefully hear some live music, and then I get to meet a friend who happens to be related to my sisters fiancé. It is going to be great! We will head to dinner, and as they take off for Bridgestone Arena to watch game three between the Predators and Hurricanes, I will find a watch party somewhere, and hopefully make some new friends!

Oh ya, and that same friend I am meeting? He invited me to be the fourth tomorrow in a golf excursion. My heart is full as I look to the day. The memories are there to be made, and I am beyond thrilled to explore the city, and the many characters it contains.

This is a shorter piece, so please forgive me, but I go now in the hopes that I will have more to share on how everything turned out!

In hockey,